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There seems to be plenty of rumors abound of Apple introducing a new MacPro this spring, as they stop selling the current out of date model in the UK.  If this turns out to be true, then people editors will be excited to jump on board and update their old towers.

I have done my best to keep my aging MacPro Tower running at it’s best. I have even gone out and replaced my graphics card with one found in many gaming PC’s. The Nvidia GTX 570 is running really well in my tower.

However, not satisfied with my update I also recently took it upon myself to build my own PC, using some ancient  knowledge gained by reading books. Do you remember those? They used to come in a place once called a library.  I know many of you would say, “ you could have googled it. “ But being that I was building a PC for the first time, I really didn’t not want use people’s opinions, as that could end up costing me in my wallet.  Not to say there isn’t plenty of information out there. I just wanted to gain more knowledge before attempting my build.

It didn’t take me too long to assemble the parts I needed over the Christmas holiday season, plus the boxing day sales really helped me save a few bucks. I knew I wanted to build a PC that was capable of not only editing,  but able to run Avid,  Adobe,  and have both Thunderbolt , and USB 3.0 interfaces for increased speed.

By first acknowledging what I wanted this PC to do, it really helped me set aside the budget. Many of you know it’s really easy to go way overboard when it comes to tech. This would be my first tip for anyone looking to build a PC. What do you want it to do, and what is going to be your budget?


Over the next few posts I will explain my PC build, and share the parts aI used to create my new edit station.  In the mean time what do you think of these latest Apple’ rumors?

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