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Volkswagen Canada had a digital media event at the Canadian International AutoShow held here in Toronto. Volkswagen Canada reached out to various bloggers, media, and enthusiasts.  The event not only gave you the opportunity to see their latest offerings and some of their new concepts. But it also gave you the opportunity to ask some of the questions and meet with Volkswagen Canada product team.

The event was started off with a great intro form their Director of Marketing Peter Blackwell, followed by a look at their latest new commercial spot highlighting the new VW Jetta Turbo Hybrid.



Afterwards we were then given the opportunity to discuss with various product specialists, and product development members about Volkswagen’s latest offerings and why these cars are developed for our market.

I had the opportunity to have a great discussion about the VW Jetta Turbo Hybrid with Serge Morasse, Director, Product Development.  The one aspect that really developed out of discussion about the Jetta Turbo Hybrid was balance.  The car supports the same suspension that’s found in GLI, but runs on a 1.4 TSI in combination with an electric engine.  Creating the hybrid Volkswagen did not want to compromise that same great ride quality, and thus fitted the battery for they bring into the rear of vehicle giving it much better balance.  This balance and handling will be taken to a further step with MK7 as the battery will be built into the frame.




Volkswagen Canada also had their Cross Coupe on display. It is the only one in the world, and there fore built by hand. The VW Cross Coupe is designed to be a plug-in Hybrid, and I can assure you the car looks fantastic.


VW CrossCoupe_4


The event was really enjoyable, but of course I had to bring up the VW Golf R, as an owner of one. I wanted to let them know I was pleased to see that Volkswagen Canada was able to bring the Golf R over here and wondered if there were any plans to continue to offer the R in the Mark 7? Well I am happy to say that sales of the VW Golf R  ( being completely sold out) were exceptional and Volkswagen Canada is planning brining the MK7 Golf R to Canada.

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