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Over the past couple of weeks I have been testing out the Flashpoint DG600 Moonlight Blue from Adorama.  The Flashpoint DG 600 has plastic case keeping the weight down, and the balance is better than most, as it does not seem front heavy.  The nice balance allows me to place the fixture in almost any location with out fear of toppling over, or the need for extra support.

A nice upgrade over their previous models is the new LED’s, instead of using a traditional halogen bulbs. This means the Flashpoint DG600 can run longer with out getting extremely hot, all while consuming less electricity. The LED’s consume a mere 7 watts. This also means it will be able to run off battery power for a much longer period as opposed to a traditional halogen bulb.  I was able to shoot with the Flashpoint DG600 for several hours off a single battery.

The Flashpoint DG 600 also has the ability to dim the LED’s in increments. This is a great feature that can be easily adjusted by the large digital readout display.  As any professional knows, controlling the amount of light in a shot can make the difference between a great shot, and blown out shot. I really like this feature, as it allow me to soften the light help create the mood I am trying to accomplish.  An added bonus is how easily I can add the Flashpoint  DG 600 into my current lighting set up  with no headaches.



Key Features


  • 300 Watts
  • 1/1500 -1/800 sec
  • 7W LED Array
  • Color Temperature 5600K
  • Built in Cooling Fan
  • 5 stop digital power range Monolight Strobe Flash
  • Digital Screen Readout
  • Optical Slave Sensor
  • AC or DC operation
  • 8” reflector



The color temperature is set to 5600k which provides a nice clean light source.  If I need to change the temperature or soften the output slightly my gels worked well with the Flashpoint DG600. The Flashpoint DG600 comes with an 8” reflector that is quiet effective, and provides enough reflection to bath my subject in enough light. Combining the refelctor with the great balance, powerful LED’s , and a great digital readout display, and you can quickly see the Flashpoint DG600 is simply a fantastic monolight that is difficult to contented with.

You can check out the Flashpoint DG600 at Adorama Here.

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