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This is not a review of the latest Avid Media Composer. This is actually a review of a book or “Cookbook” by Benjamin Hershleder.  The book covers effective “recipes” or methods for working with Avid Media Composer.

The book is very well written, and has a very easy to understand language that provides Avid workflows.  the book covers various workflows from the simplest of tasks of understanding media creations, to more complex workflows with Avid’s AMA, and transcoding sequences with mixed resolutions.

The author dives up each of section of content under sub headings such as “How it works” and “How to do it” .  This makes getting to the content you are looking for quick and easy. It also helps the reader in understanding how to implement workflows for various scenarios. The book also provides you with helpful images to provide you better direction within Avid Media Composer.


Understanding multi-cam editing can be a little difficult for the inexperienced . However, the Avid Media Composer Cookbook has a great break down from Syncing and grouping footage together to editing with muilt-cams and group clips. This is very well laid out and with the the price of the book alone, as it could save you plenty of time in post.

This cookbook is very comprehensive and easy to understand. It is perfect for anyone just jumping into Avid Media Composer, or veterans looking to to improve, or find better solutions to their workflows.  It is also very useful for those of you looking to transition from Final Cut Pro 7 to Avid Media Composer as it will give you a great understanding of the inner workings of Avid MEdia Composer.

Avid Media Composer 6.X Cookbook provides you with an excellent resource for “recipes” for various workflow within Avid Media Composer, and I recommend the book for anyone looking to improve their skills in Avid.

You can purchase a copy on sale right now here  Avid Media Composer 6.X Cookbook.

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