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This weekend has been very wonderful, not only have we had wonderful weather. It was also a long weekend filled with fireworks.  Canon Canada is also having an anniversary sale. that means there are plenty of discounts for you to spend that hard earned cash.

I took this is my opportunity to take the plunge and pick up a brand new Canon 5D MKIII body.  Initial impressions are just fantastic. I have always preferred the ergonomics of my Canon 7D over the Canon 5D MKII, and now I can have the power of a full frame with the ergonomics of the 7D. Wow I just love this.

I have spent most of the weekend shooting with the Canon 5D MKIII with various lens and I very impressed by the stills it takes.  The latitude is very impressive and of course the low light capabilities.

Now this is not a full review as I have had the camera only for a few days. needless to say I am very impressed thus far. I plan on posting some stills and video over the next week, as I continue to work with it.

Many of you have already asked me have I added the Magic Lantern firmware to get the RAW video everyone seems to be hungry for.  The sad truth is no. It does not mean I wont do it later on. I just prefer to learn what this camera is capable of, before jumping into RAW workflows. Maybe next week, I will install Magic Lantern. I will update you soon.


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