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BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera

BlackMagic Design has a slew of news worthy updates. First and foremost, the BlackMagic Cinema Camera price has been slashed to an astonishing $1995 US.  The aggressive new low price makes it more accessible for HD acquisition to a wider range of cinematographers and photographers. This places the camera on the top of anyone’s list with it’s 2.5k sensor.  If you are still on the fence, now may be the time to jump in.


DaVinci Resolve 9.1.5

DaVinci Resolve 9 adds improved compatibility with Avid Media Composer 7.0 round trip, supports reel names in Final Cut Pro X XML, adds support for Avid EuControl Software Package Version 3.0, improves handling of multi track Quicktime audio files and adds improved Cinema DNG file format support.

HyperDeck Software 3.8

A new version of software for the HyperDeck SSD recorders has been released.  This new update adds 6G-SDI support on the output for HyperDeck Studio Pro and adds on screen menus to both HyperDeck Studio models where you can set formats and other features.

This update allows you to connect HyperDeck to your network, set the IP address of the HyperDeck in the menu and then Telnet into the HyperDeck to get control. If you type play, the HyperDeck will play and if you type stop, then HyperDeck will stop. You can get clip lists and all kinds of control functions.

The update comes free of charge and is available now.

To get more details head on over to BlackMagic Design’s website. 

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