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Over the past few weeks I have been working with the Flashpoint All – Inclusive DSLR/DV Cinema Bundle. The kit comes fully ready with everything needed to get started with DSLR Video shooting.  The system consists of the following :


  • Flashpoint Shoulder Rig II with Quick Release System
  • Flashpoint Pro Matte box
  • Flashpoint Follow Focus
  • Flashpoint Z- Shape connector


The Flashpoint Shoulder Rig allows you to keep your DSLR steady while providing you with the ability to adjust for various pieces of gear add ons. The rig measures 19 1/4” in length not including the end stops. The Quick Release plate for the base of camera is sturdy and easily detaches and adjusts forwards and backwards for various degrees of sizes. This is really helpful when working with larger lenses.  The hand grips feel very comfortable to work with on a long day’s shoot. I found my hands did not get tired when covering events with plenty of running around.  I was also pleasantly surprised that the rig can be easily mounted to almost any tripod. Making the shoulder rig very versatile.




The Flashpoint Follow Focus is feels very solid. There is plenty of feedback from the wheel, while using the A/B hard stops markers. Simply attach the gear band around your lens and attach the follow focus to your rig and your all set.  Simple and very easy to use, without ever worrying about over cranking.  The large knob also feels very comfortable and easy to use for a single user or a focus puller. I did however find the gear band would slide off, if not tightened correctly. Just remember to double check this, as there is nothing worse than loosing a shot, simply because the gear band was not tight enough.


The Flash Point Matte Box is adjustable and comes equipped with neoprene donuts to fit almost any lens and camera set up. The matte box is also capable of  accommodating  4×4 and 4×5 filters. One filter stage can be completely rotated 360 degrees for working with gradient filters. The removable coated aluminum French flags attach via bayonet and screws. I found this to be very useful for making custom adjusts according to various lighting situations.



When I first got my hands on this kit, I was actually quite excited to see how this performs in the real world. Well, I can tell you this kit really only took me a few minutes to set up and I was immediately shooting. I was also pleased to see that it was light weight, this helped prevent fatigue on long shoots. Where the Flashpoint All – Inclusive DSLR / DV  Cinema Bundle really shines is price point. This entire set up can be had for just under $800 from Adorama.  As of this evening, the kit is actually on sale for $599.96.  At this price point you would be hard pressed to find a kit so well equipped.


Next week I will be reviewing the Flashpoint Field Monitor so stay tuned.

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