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Following up from last week’s review of the Flashpoint All – Inclusive DSLR/DV Cinema Bundle, comes the Flashpoint 7” TFT LCD Field Monitor from Adorama.  This field monitor has several features to help you keep your shots in focus, and provide you with a better overall experience on set.

Features Include:

  • 7-inch widescreen LCD with HD-friendly 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Lightweight, compact design is perfect for DSLRs
  • High-resolution display delivers 1024×600 pixels (native) input up to 1920×1080
  • Wide viewing angle helps your whole crew watch the action
  • 1:1 pixel mapping shows magnified detail at camera-original resolution
  • Edge peaking enhances critical focusing
  • False-color, zebra and histogram functions aid exposure adjustment
  • Folding, clip-on sun-hood doubles as screen protector
  • HDMI input
  • High contrast ratio (800:1) plus vivid, accurate color reproduction
  • Nine LED-illuminated pushbuttons include four with user-programmable functions
  • Extensive configurability via easily navigable onscreen menus
  • User selectable Kelvin white balance presets and RGB channel adjustment
  • Five selectable image-crop markers (80 to 95 percent coverage)
  • Built-in speaker (mono) plus headphone jack
  • Removable battery (optional) plus 12V DC input from plug-in AC adapter
  • Three 1/4-inch accessory/tripod bushings (left, right and bottom)
  • Optional Accessories: Battery Plate DU21 – Battery Plate QM91D – Li-Ion Battery – VESA 75mm rail-mount slot




The first thing I noticed was how well packaged this screen actually is; The Flashpoint 7’ field monitor comes with a secure foam case that can be locked and carried around safely. It will hold everything from the HDSDI cables, HDMI cables, to analog cables plus AC Adapter , and battery. This was a very pleasant surprise, especially at this price point.

The next thing I noticed was the physical weight of of the screen was nice and light. It has the capability of being plugged directly into an outlet or supports several different battery mounts. I used one of the shoe adapters and was able to use my L series batteries from my older Sony HDV cameras. This is a really nice feature and saves me from having to buy more batteries.


FLashpointBattery adapter


The screen itself is actually quiet bright and has an 800:1 contrast ratio which provides you with highly accurate and vivid colors. The viewing angle is nice and wide, approximately, 160 degrees wide. This is great when conferring with a director or DP on the shot. We don’t have to all cram our heads in to view the current shot. The monitor offers a native 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio that’s ideal for shooting in HD or Full HD-with instant switching between black-bordered and full-screen display-and can be set to bordered 4:3 when needed.

The screen also comes with a great sun-hood, which makes viewing the screen in sunlight easier to see. The bonus is the sun-hood folds down to protect the screen from damage while on set or packing away- this feature was really well thought out.


The Flashpoint 7’ TFT LCD comes with Peaking capabilities, which highlights in-focus edge detail, and 1:1 Pixel Mapping-showing a magnified view at the camera’s actual pixel resolution.  This is extremely useful when racking focus and a fantastic feature to have at this price point.

While working with my Canon 5D MKIII, via HDMI, I did notice I had to calibrate the monitor. The image I was seeing on my Canon screen was not the same as what was on the field monitor. I could calibrate the monitor which was easily done via the controls.  The Menu system was easy to navigate providing you with several features to help gain further control over your image.


Final Thoughts

The past few weeks gave me the opportunity to work with Flashpoint 7’ TFT LCD Field Monitor IN CONJUNCTION with Flashpoint All – Inclusive DSLR/DV Cinema Bundle. I must admit both have excelled working in the field. The LCD Monitor never failed me, whether I was on a closed set or out in the field shooting a commercial in under the sun. Adorama has really put together a great LCD monitor with fantastic features bundled in at an unbelievable price. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this monitor to anyone looking for a low cost solution to professional monitoring.  The Flashpoint 7’ TFT LCD has everything you need right out tog the box.


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