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Previously in my last posting I began detailing the experiences I had during the Volkswagen Great Canadian TDI Clean Diesel Tour. Today I continue to share my experiences with part 2.



On the road again with the Jetta, and the TDI engine felt much livelier. Right away, we could feel with a lighter body, the TDI engine felt much more zippy and sporty, almost like a Golf GTD. The Jetta felt quicker and gave me much more confidence to pass others on the road. The sportier feel must have also come from the combination of rims and tires,  all the while maintaining a quiet cabin.



The RNS 315 GPS unit works well. However, I do prefer the RNS 510 from my Golf R as it is easier to check while driving, due to the larger screen. Brendan also noticed that the Jetta felt much quicker than Volkswagen states. The TDI Engine compared to the lighter weight of the Jetta made it a very fun car while keeping the mileage down.




This has to be one of our favorite challenges. This Challenge required us to race against the clock with small RC versions of the Dakar Volkswagen Touareg. The rain and cold was hitting us hard at this point. Many people were shivering including myself. However the spirit of the tour really came out here. Many of other journalists had never used an RC car before while Brendan and I clearly had. Despite the poor weather conditions this was great fun.






After our last Checkpoint we switched to the Volkswagen Passat. Now, here is a car that feels very luxurious and spacious. I was also amazed at how polished the car’s interior was…the interior is just nipping on the heels of Audi!  Very impressive indeed! Also, the Passat was very comfortable to drive and felt much more planted than the Jetta. The Passat is also putting up some incredible numbers for mileage. Nearly 1300km could be had on a single tank, that is impressive for a car of this size.




Our final Checkpoint before the finish was held in Old Quebec City.  This is one of my favorite places in Canada. I have traveled there many times over the years. It is a beautiful city with many attractions, great food and wine. We stopped in a local bistro for lunch before switching out to our final vehicle.




Finally, the car I was itching to drive, the 3.0T TDI Volkswagen Touareg. This SUV has to be on my list of must have vehicles. The 3.0T TDI has enough torque 420 to be exact, to make it feel as quick as a GTI or a Golf R off the line.  The interior feels like it was lifted straight out of an Audi or Porsche, both under Volkswagen’s umbrella. Despite having such a large diesel engine, the cabin was very quiet. The Touareg cruised along Quebec City towards Montreal almost like a Panther stalking it prey.  It’s very clear this was a huge winner in my books. Even my colleague Brendan agreed this was our favorite TDI we had driven.



Last Stop for Us


Montreal was our last stop as drivers, but not for the cars. They are destined to Vancouver; after all it is a Volkswagen Great Canadian TDI Clean Diesel Tour. We had such a wonderful time, and we had plenty of time to get to know each of the clean diesels Volkswagen has to offer. Our only regret is we didn’t get more time with the beast, the Volkswagen Touareg. Upon returning to Toronto, I was a little sad to see that TDI’s were gone. We had such a great time and made great new friends. Oh well, I guess I will have to resort to jumping behind the wheel of my Golf R to keep the smiles going indefinitely.



Special thanks to everyone on the team for helping make this happen, and thank you to Volkswagen for hosting this great event.

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