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During a rigorous day on set, lighting is always important. IT can really make the difference between a bland flat shot and vibrant one. Over the past couple of weeks I have been working with a new softbox known as the Glow HexaPop 24”.

The Glow HexaPop 24 features 105 degree light spread,with a impressive 8.5 inch depth. The six sided hexagon shape helps provide a for wide reflection of light with little no fall off from edge to edge.  The fine grid marks within the softbox help provide better directionality of  light


Glow HexaPop Includes:


  • HexaPop 24″ Softbox
  • Speedlight Bracket
  • Stand Adapter
  • Zippered Soft Case & Strap


The zipper soft case is actually a nice feature making it easy to cary around from set to set. The Glow HexaPop 24 is very light weight, plus it has a quick collapse feature that allows you to take it down very quickly. This is especially true when working on a tight schedule. Simply grab the 2 switches on each side at the same time, and you will here a nice audible “Pop”.  Then once you arrive at you next location, simply pull the spokes out into the locking mechanism and again you will here a an audible “Pop” to assure you that it’s locked and ready to go. Setting up and tear down of this softbox can be done is seconds.


The included height adjustable bracket allows you to fit just about any flash brand for this size, via the hot shoe.  The ability to adjust the height is a great feature, as it can go from sitting on a separate stand, to being mounted directly on the camera.


The Glow HexaPop 24” is light weight, easy to use, and provides great light reflection. I truly appreciate the standard mount, as it makes it very easy to switch form my Canon cameras to my Nikon Cameras. The included zipper bag makes it super easy to pack up and take to the next location. But the stand out feature is the collapsing feature. The nice audible pop provdes me confirmation that the softbox has collapsed, or has locked into place.

The Glow HexaPop 24 softbox is a joy to work. It provides great dispersal of light, and can be set up on a stand, or a camera in seconds. At this price point you really can’t go wrong. If your looking for a softbox that you can use for weddings, or portraits, that wont break the bank take a look at the Glow HexaPop 24”.


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