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Working with FCPX has its ups and downs. But thankfully there are companies like Idustrial Revolution, that continue to support and enhance the platform. Their latest iteration comes in the form a of a new plugin called XEffects Toolkit. This is not to be confused with my previous review XEffects Tech for FCPX.  This is an entirely different plugin.

This new plugin has over 50 effects in the pack for a mere $49 dollars. That is quiet the deal. XEffects Toolkit has support for Subtitles, Caption Safe Area and Pillarbox Shoulders to fine tuning plugins like Alpha Adjust, RGB Channel Adjust or Channel Swap.


There  are also tools for scaling, Quad Split and crop control. However the XEffects Toolkit goes a step further and provides you with support for 3D Perspectives, Variable Splits, Auto Zoom and Auto Rotate, Guides, and 3D Spotlight.



One of my favorite effects is the ability to us a Sky Shader. This effect allows me to take a dull grey winter sky and enhance it with some color in a single step, without the need to crop, mask or keyframe. The results are very effective in creating a much more vibrate sky.






However, if you don’t want blue or simply want to change various attributes, simply dive into the the Inspector window to find all of the parameters. Here you can change everything from the crop to the compositing. It also provides you with the ability to color match a previous shot. this can make color grading your sky shots with simple, while maintaining the overall look and feel.



There is simply so much within the XEffects Toolkit that justifying the $49 entrance fee actually very easy.  Industrial Revolution has once agin created a very useful plugin that not only supports FCPX users but also enhances FCPX itself.  Be sure to check out the video demo below.

You can download the plugin via  FXFactory  HERE

Be sure to check out the video demo below.

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