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The Holiday Season has come and gone providing us many with great gifts, gear, and maybe a lens or two. The holiday season always provides us with plenty of opportunities to take photos of family, loved ones, lights, and winter wonderlands.


There is simply so much opportunity to get wonderful shots, I simple had to keep moving from location to the next. Moving from location to location can be difficult with a large heavy tripod, lenses, and other accessories. Thankfully, that’s where the 3POD P4CFC Carbon Fibre Tripod from Flashpoint comes into play. I have reviewed Adorama’s Flashpoint line before, and I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality of their offerings for the price. The 3POD seems to continue in that tradition.




  • CNC forged Carbon fiber construction
  • Flat travel folding style
  • Convertible to Monopod
  • 2-section removable center column
  • Spiked feet with removable rubber grip covers
  • Metal-jacketed twist locks with advanced wear protection
  • Unique burnished pattern on legs.
  • Bubble Level
  • Compass
  • Max Height with extend column  65”
  • Max Monopod Height 52”
  • Max Load Capacity 28.6 lbs
  • Weight 5.75 lbs


Being portable is important to me, as I often change locations while out taking stills for either a client or for personal use. This is one area the 3POD just excels. It’s CNC Forged Carbon fiber construction means it’s incredibly light at a mere 5.75lbs. It also folds down flat and fits very easily into a small carry case that comes within the box.


The textured rubber pads at the base of the tripod work well on smooth surfaces such as hardwoods or marble floors. However, if you enjoy shooting outside, like myself that often means rubber pads just wont cut it. Well, Adorama has thought of this scenario and provided spikes for better stability. Just simply remove the pads to revel the spikes, and you will have much better stability on snow and ice.




On top of the Tripod you will notice it comes with an H2 aluminum ball head with 360 degree movement. At first glance, my initial impressions were a little underwhelming. I was wondering how this little ball head could hold up some heavier lenses. After a few minutes those concerns were put to rest. The H3 aluminum ball head was fully capable of handling my Canon 5DMKIII along with my 70-200mm f2.8L glass.  This quickly reminded me the head was capable of holding about 28lbs. The ball head itself is controlled with adjustable knobs and the panning capable base plate is perfect for capturing panoramic shots.



The tripod also comes equipped with a hook on the front. This can be used to hang a weight for better stability, especially in more adverse weather conditions. The legs have a very unique finish that makes it stand out from other tripods I own that are usually just black or sliver.


The 3POD P4CFC is an affordable tripod that continues in the Flashpoint tradition of providing you with quality gear and affordable prices. This tripod really impressed me with it’s supreme portability with the flat fold design and it’s ability to hold some of my heavier lenses on such a compact design. This tripod is stable, portable, and has excellent build quality.


If you are looking for a carbon fibre light weight portable tripod, you would be hard pressed to find a better tripod at $275.


The 3POD P4CFC can be had as this moment for $225


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