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A few months ago I reviewed the 3Pod Carbon Fiber Tripod.  It was a  great portable carbon fiber tripod for DSLR use. It’s light weight construction made it great for carrying around. This time Adorama has given me the opportunity to take a look at the 3Pod V2AH Video Tripod with fluid head.

The  3POD V2AH Video Tripod has been designed to support up to 11 lbs. When fully extended the tripod reaches a full height of 77.0”. The 3Pod V2AH also comes equipped with rubber feet, locking knobs, and a aluminum center brace for added support.  The tripod also comes with a  2-Way fluid metal panhead.


  • Dual-rosette design for easy dual-handle and left-hand configurations
  • Large, easy to grasp locking knobs
  • 2-Way Fluid Metal Panhead
  • Aluminum quick-release platform with camera mounting screw
  • 2 Built-in Bubble Levels on panhead and tripod body
  • Quick Release Platform with Safe Spring pin
  • Heavy-duty padded carrying case with accessory pocket, adjustable nonslip shoulder strap, and stud-reinforced handles
  • Non slip rubber covered feet


Upon receiving the V2AH, I was happy to see the 3Pod line continues to provide you with everything right out of the box, including a very nice carrying bag. The bag works well and can be worn over the shoulder with the long strap, or carried by the handles on top of the bag.


My first impressions were amazed at the quality of the build at this price range. The legs are of a nice sturdy aluminum build. The tripod also comes with a spreader that is useful, and very easy to deploy, actually its even easier than my Manfrotto, 351MVB2K Tripod.

The 2-Way fluid metal panhead attaches to the body of the V2AH with a half-bowl adaptor mounting system. It is adjusted by a fully adjustable textured handle, and provides a 360 degree range of rotation,, and has drag functions, a built-in bubble level, and individual directional locking.  The system is able to carry up to 11 lbs, and I was able to easily mount a Canon C100, with  Canon 17-40mm f/4 L  lens, and the Atomos Ninja Blade without any issues.






The quick release plate works well, providing with a standard mounting screw and is adjustable for various camera sizes. The legs are also made of aluminium, and are incredibly easy to deploy with the spreader. Setting up the 3Pod V2AH takes only a few seconds. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this really was, especially given the price point. The large and easy to grasp locking knobs are very easy to use. They open and close with one hand, and do not need any excessive force.


Once fully extended, the Tripod reaches 77”, which is more than enough height for most situations. However, I did find that once fully extended with the C100 and the Atomos Ninja Blade mounted,  the V2AH becomes slightly unstable while outside on uneven concrete. This was not the case on grass. This seems to be because of the way the feet are designed as round stubs, instead of rubber flat feet I have experienced with other tripods. It’s not a deal breaker, it’s just something I noticed.  At any rate you should never walk away from you camera on a fully deployed tripod anyways, then you are just asking for disaster.

Final Thoughts

The 3Pod V2AH is simply an excellent tripod for this price point. Adorama ’s line of 3Pod tripods continue to create stable and well built tripods. The V2AH video tripod was able to handle most situations using the C100. It  has an excellent ability to set up and tear down in a few seconds was definitely an asset. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this tripod on more shoots and locations. Priced at $179.95 USyou simply cant go wrong.


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