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ProAm USA has been making some really excellent products for filmmakers. Over the past few months I have previously review a few their products. ProAm USA has now announced a new kickstarter campaign for their bring latest product the CarryOn Jib to fruition. Their Goal of $25,000 and 29 days to reach it as of July 24th, if successful, the ProAm USA CarryOn Jib will be the most compact, yet full-sized crane on the market.

The ProAm USA CarryOn Jib features a 360-degree, lockable bearing base with built-in bubble level to provide smooth, fluid motion. Every joint features oil impregnated brass bearings to ensure smooth rotations. Like all ProAm USA gear, all parts are machined from the highest quality aluminum and then anodized. The crane’s coated steel cables that connect to the camera platform provide automatic leveling, while the platform can be swapped out for an optional 75 mm bowl mount.


The smallest and lightest crane of its kind, the CarryOn Jib expands from four feet to a full six feet in length and can collapse into an amazingly compact 22-inches, fitting securely into an airline-approved, carry-on sized bag. The jib’s extension option brings the total length to an impressive eight feet. Altogether, the package weighs only 10 pounds, making it possible for filmmakers to easily take anywhere. The optional ProAm USA tripod is also carry-on sized.

The ProAm USA CarryOn Jib Kickstarter campaign offers a number of varying donation levels, from a supportive $5 donation to the $799 level, which gets generous backers the four-section eight-foot CarryOn Jib with bag, quick-release plate, sandbag, tripod and full 7” HDMI LCD kit.


For more Details and to donate jump on over to the Kickstarter Campaign 

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