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ProAm USA recently launched a Kickstarter for their CarryOn Jib . The all new CarryOn Jib smallest and lightest crane of its kind, the CarryOn Jib expands from four feet to a full six feet in length and can collapse into an amazingly compact 22-inches, fitting securely into an airline-approved, carry-on sized bag. I have recently been given the opportunity to review and provide feedback on this new product, and here is my initial review.

The first thing that you will notice is that this really is incredibly small. I can’t believe they were able make this so portable and small to fit into a single carrying bag.  The small size footprint means you are able to take it as a carry on baggage for your flights. ( Please check with your local airline for exact specifications).

ProAm USA CarryOn Jib is smallest and lightest crane I have ever worked with. The CarryOn Jib expands from four feet to a full six feet in length and can collapse into an amazingly compact 22-inches. The jib’s extension option brings the total length to an impressive eight feet. Altogether, the package weighs only 10 pounds, making it possible for filmmakers to easily take anywhere.  The jib also assembles in just a few moments similar to the ProAm USA Taurus Jib. I was happy to see they have kept it very user friendly


CarryOn Jib Specifications

  • 10 pound max weight capacity
  • Anodized CNC machined aluminum construction
  • Each section is 19.5 inches (3 sections included with base $299 jib)
  • Canvas bag included (22″ long x 3″ deep x 6.5″ wide)
  • Vinyl coated steel tilt cables
  • Auto-tilting of camera
  • Crane tilt lock included
  • 360º panning (lockable)
  • Mounts to 3/8-16 threaded tripods
  • Interchangeable camera platform
  • Mounting holes for 1/4″ and 3/8″ screws.
  • Sliding 1″ diameter counterweight bar with weight clamps
  • Operates in 1 of 3 lengths


Length (From fulcrum to end of platform)

  • Compact: 33″ (2′ 5″) / 84cm
  • Standard: 52.5″ (4′ 4.5″) / 133cm
  • Extended: 71.5″ (6′) / 182 cm

Length (From end to end)


  • Compact: 56.5″ (4′ 8.5″) / 144cm
  • Standard: 76″ (6′ 4″) / 193cm
  • Extended: 95.5″ (8′) / 243 cm


  • Compact: 6.2 pounds / 2.8 kg
  • Standard: 8.2 pounds / 3.7 kg
  • Extended: 9.4 pounds / 4.3 kg


The CarryOn Jib has a 360-degree lockable bearing base.  There is also a built-in bubble level to help you set up on location. The head provides smooth, fluid motion. Just like many of the other ProAm USA gear, all parts are made from aluminum and then anodized.  The crane’s coated steel cables that connect to the camera platform provide automatic levelling, while the platform can be swapped out for an optional 75 mm bowl mount. The entire kit feels very well thought out.

Setting up the CarryOn Jib is a simple, easy modular crane to set up in just a few moments. It is also just as fast to tear down. Making it easier to transport, all while weighing about only 10 pounds. ProAM USA also made it very durable as a product like this would definitely take a beating.  The CarryOn Jib quickly began to feel like my cell phone or my wallet. Don’t leave home with out it.


The CarryOn Jib’s camera platform can also been swapped out for an optional bowl mount if your set does require one. The bowl mount is also anodized aluminum feeling very sturdy and able to take the beating of any shoot location.

The CarryOn Jib is able to support DSLRs and camcorder rigs up to 10 pounds. This means it’s absolute perfect for the filmmaker wanting to leave the smallest footprint when out shooting, while trying to remain inconspicuous.

Over the past week since the announcement of the Kickstarter, I have had a the opportunity to be testing the CarryOn Jib. The jib has performed very well, and I continue to be ever impressed at how compact and lightweight this ProAm USA has built this jib. I have simply grown attached to it’s ability to be the perfect solution for my DSLR filmmaking needs-all while never having to worry will it fit?

Update in the Kickstarter – I am pleased to also inform you the Kickstarter for this project has been fully funded.

Congratulations to ProAm USA!

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