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Over the past year. I have reviewed several Flashpoint products. These products have often been very impressive for the stand alone price point and prove to be rigorous for most applications in the field. I was quite excited to jump on the opportunity, when I received the opportunity to take a look another piece of gear from Adorama. This is where the Flashpoint CL 1300 enters.

The first thing I noticed upon opening the box was the carrying bag the Flashpoint CL1300 came in. The bag is made from canvas and the light was inside the bag already to go. Absolutely no set up required. This is a nice added bonus.

The Flashpoint CL-1300 is an LED light panel that provides 1296 points of soft directed lumination, creating a the look of 5600k daylight. The Flashpoint CL 1300 has been designed to be hooked up to 4 multi-unit array with interlocking ports and series cable. There are remote ports in the rear to give you  control over the intensity of each panel globally, while using an optional remote you can control lamination to all units simultaneously. Linking several units together can provide you with a 4X4′ light wall. Perfect for any studio use.

Flashpoint CL-1300 Features

  • Advanced 1296 LED lamp count in 1X1′ square array.
  • Delivers flicker free 5600k daylight color.
  • C / DC or DC 7.2V battery power sources.
  • Beautiful wrap around 60 degree angle emission.
  • Constructed of super tough black ABS.
  • Linking of up to 4 units symmetrically through RJ45 cable.
  • Renders at least 85% of total spectral value.
  • Keeps subjects and gear cool and comfortable even when used close up.
  • Optional remote cable dimmer control from 10-100% with shift free color.


The actual weight of the Flashpoint CL 1300 is 7lbs, but it seems much lighter than that in your hands. This is probably  because I am used to much heavier and more cumbersome lights. There are 1296 lamp count powered by 76w 3 pin XLR plug. There is also a DC out for daisy chaining more panels together.  However, if you have no access to an electoral outlet there is room for a battery pack on the back, that uses Sony or Panasonic V Type 7.2 volts.

The light panel also features a dimmer slider on the back to provide with better control over your environment. Although, I did notice once the LED panel was on maximum, there was a slight humming noise; Nothing intrusive, but something to keep in mind when setting up your audio on set.

The Flashpoint CL 1300 comes shipped with 2 gels, a diffusion gel and an orange gel. Both are easily interchangeable, as they slide right into the the frame of the light panel for easy access.

On location the Flashpoint CL 1300 performed admirably. It was simple to set up and easy to tear down. I did not notice any fading or flicker while shooting with it. The led bulbs simply shine and actually look much better in person than this photo.

The Flashpoint line of product have been a great product range for those of you looking for gear that won’t break the bank. The CL 1300 hits that mark again, with its light weight design and its ability to be easily to set up. I have throughly enjoyed using it. The  Flashpoint CL-1300 also has the ability to be daisy changed to create a larger panel. I think you would be hard-pressed to find another light at this price range with these features. The Flashpoint CL 1300 has easily become one of my favourite LED lights for almost any occasions.

You can purchase the Flashpoint CL 1300 here.

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