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During the previous article, we began to take a closer look at Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite. If you missed that article you can catch up here.  In this article I will continue to review the Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite by taking a look at 3 more tools. These tools are known as Magic Bullet Colorista III, Magic Bullet Mojo 2.0, and Magic Bullet Cosmo 2.0.

“Every filmmaker I know takes color seriously. But they also work with deadlines and ever-changing client demands.” says Stu Maschwitz, creative director, Magic Bullet Suite.

“Powerful color correction should not mean having to leave your editing timeline. And don’t tell your client this, but it can also be really fun.”

Colorista III

Colorista III has been updated to become more streamlined, while getting a major user interface update. Colorista’s new simplified design gives you easier access and takes advantage of Adobe CC2014’s new masking and tracking features. Colorista III is no longer weighed down by several layers of controls, resulting in a very clean, focused experience for editors and filmmakers alike.

New Features

  • Streamlined User Interface
  • Open GL
  • Vignette
  • Shadows and HighLights
  • Strength Slider
  • Now Runs in FCPX and Motion, in addition to Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Colorista III user interface is much more streamlined than previous versions, allowing you to jump right in and immediately start making adjustments with the 3 way color wheels. The color wheels allow you to adjust the shadows, midtones, and highlights. Colourist III even allows you to auto white balance if required.  The HSL provide you with precise control of individual colors, including hue, saturation and lightness.


Editing with Colourist III inside Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro can give you a great advantage. Utilizing Adobe’s masking and tracking features within in to Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, creating multi-layered, masked color corrections are easier and far more precise.

The Keyer is a great way to adjust and manipulate individual colors or a range of colors to soften your image or create an invert. The keyed open up into a full screen window which gives you abetter loot at your footage. Perfect for anyone editing on a laptop without an external screen. Red Giant clearly thought this through thoroughly.


Vignettes have been added to Colourist III which is a welcomed addition for those who require it.  However, the big surprise is support for FCPX and Motion. FCPX Editors should be very pleased.

Colorista has long been a personal favourite of mine and with Colorista III, Red Giant aims to raise the bar again when comes to providing color tools for film makers and editors.  Editing while utilizing Adobe’s workflow makes it a powerhouse, it also now features and now support for FCPX and Motion. Editors can choose their NLE of choice when using Colourist III.

Magic Bullet Mojo 2.0

Magic Bullet Mojo 2.0  is designed to instantly give your footage the stylized color grade of a Hollywood blockbuster in just a few seconds.  Mojo 2.0 can be manipulated and customized using the sliders in the inspector window to create cinematic look. Red Giant claims with the all new GPU acceleration, Mojo effects renders  are 20% faster in Adobe products and 80% faster in Final Cut Pro X.  After using them in both, I was amazed at how quickly Mojo will render.  The renders seemed nearly instant. ( This also depends on your edit suite setup)

The Sliders allow you to quickly change the entire look from warm to cool.  Mojo 2.0 also allows you to control the tint and skin color. The skin overlay is a nice feature providing you grid lines for your grade. This makes dialling in the color you need much more faster. Mojo 2.0 is really deigned to get your grade done quickly in just a few moments, all while preserving your subjects skin tone.


Magic Bullet Cosmo 

Red Giant Magic Bullet Cosmo an unusual but welcomed addition.  Cosmo is the tool many wedding or dramatic filmmakers will love. Cosmo is designed for cosmetic cleanup on your subjects. This tool allows you to quickly correct skin tones and remove age or blemishes from your on-screen talent. Cosmo is also GPU-accelerated, works 20% faster in Adobe products, and is now available for use in Final Cut Pro X and Sony Vegas.

Magic Bullet Cosmo works incredible well to clean up blemishes in skin tone, while preserving detail. The skin soften slider will provide you with excellent results quickly.  It also changes your image look from simple blemish clean up, all the way to what looks more like a soap opera look. However, I did find Cosmo had a little more trouble with darker skin tones but was still effective. Cosmo is defiantly a wonderful gem within Magic Bullet Suite. Any wedding or dramatic filmmaker will find this tool very useful.


Denoiser II and LUT Buddy

Denoiser II is a tool solution for video noise reduction,  and  LUT Buddy is a tool for creating, importing and exporting Look Up Tables to and from your editing timeline. Both of these tools I have previously reviewed within the Red Giant Shooter Suite. If you missed those reviews you can see them here:

Denoiser II

LUT Buddy

Final Thoughts

The Magic Bullet Suite has been created by the ingenious folks and Red Giant. The Magic Bullet Suite is one of the best color correction, film looks, and finishing  packages that places the tools you need at your finger tips. Filmmakers and editors that require tools to finish their films, would benefit greatly from Magic Bullet Suite. It is a simply an outstanding finishing set of tools.

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