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In today’s heavy edit workflows and tight deadlines, instant client feedback has become integral to accomplishing your goals in a timely matter. Many artists today often use YouTube, or Vimeo with password protection to accomplish their needs, with a few limitations. However, this process is still considerably slower than using specifically designed client video sharing platform. LookAt aims to help you improve this workflow.

Normally, I do not begin a review with price of the service. However, I wanted to point out that that LookAT is currently FREE. That’s right it’s free for the rest of 2015.  This is the longest trial period, I have ever encountered. In 2016, the full pricing comes into effect.


  • 1 video unlimited versions  – Free
  • 5 videos unlimited versions – $29 per month
  • 15 videos unlimited versions – $69 per month
  • 50 videos unlimited versions – $199 per month

First, let’s take a look at the user interface. Once you have signed up for an account ( currently free) you are greeted with helpful tips and a short video tutorial that makes getting to work incredibly easy.

Uploading a video takes a few moments depending on you your connection. Simply drag and drop your selected videos and wait for LookAt to perform their “magic.” While it’s converting your video files for playback, you can also take the time to create folders to better organize all your footage. Each Folder also displays how many folders inside and how many videos are available within the folder. This a small but extremely useful feature, especially for editors.









Once your videos are ready for the client reviewal process you can invite anyone to a group via email. The client will receive an email with a hyperlink to your video. Once the client / producer receives the email they can follow the link, watch the videos, and tag notes on to the video. They can then in real time collaborate and provide you with feedback using contextual commenting and easy sketch changes on a frame by frame basis.  This also streamlines the approval process as you can often reply to comments within the video. This works really well and saves you a lot of time.

LookAt has done a wonderful job providing you with the tools you need client video sharing and approval process. It’s fast, efficient, and has a friendly UI which makes for a very positive experience. LookAt aims to  save you time in the editorial process, all while making it a more comfortable experience for clients.  They have created a clean user interface, even people who are less tech savvy won’t have an issue with it. The helpful tool tips and video tutorial, really help you begin in just a few moments.

If you are looking for a faster, and easier way to share you work in progress with clients. LookAT can definitely provide you with great service.  It is a great solution for sharing dailies, screeners, or even getting client feedback on just about any video project. Currently LookAT is Free for the rest of 2015.  I would recommend giving it a try. What do have to lose at that price?

You can find out more here

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