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The last 2 posts we have been taking a look at Red Giant’s Trapcode Suite. Before We go further, If you would like to go back and catch up on the first two parts of this review, you can do so now. ( Part 1, Part2 ).  If you have already read the first 2 parts, then let’s move forward on to the final part of my review of Red Giant Trapcode Suite.

Trapcode EchoSpace

Red Giant’s Trapcode EchoSpace is designed to work within After Effects, to create a falling domino effect, or a follow the leader style motion graphic. These can be cloned and all animated in a  multi-layered 3D Space.

Animating and cloning is done in just a few steps. Echospace provides you with options to repeat, and manipulate the locations based on offset, and scale. The cloning will even work images. If you need to create an animated cloned sequence, all of the animation can be manipulated to run on X and Y axis, or even in a circular pattern. This provides you with unbelievable control and flexibility.

Trapcode Starglow

Trapcode Starglow allows you to create various types glows and stylized effects for motion graphics and text.  Starglow can create multi-colored or monochromatic glows. Trapcode Starglow also features 49 presets. Each of these presets are customizable.

Trapcode Starglow is easily dragged and dropped on to your existing composition. Once there you can manipulate and customize it, to get your desired look. Working with text to create glowing effects is incredibly easy. It was pleasantly surprising at how quickly I was able to create, and use existing preset.

Trapcode Soundkeys

Trapcode Soudkeys is a whole different beast. Trapcode Soundkeys provides you with a tool that helps you create an audio driven motion graphic.

Trapcode Soundkeys using advanced keyframes from analyzing your audio, and then can link them to your layer animation. These properties then can be scaled and rotated according to the beat of your music track.  Combine them with Trapcode Particular and you can create some stunning effects.

New to Trapcode Soundkeys, is the ability to show or hide various elements. This also makes it easier to isolate and integrate them to your composition.

Trapcode Horizon

Trapcode Horizon is an incredible tool for creating 360 degree maps, or infinite backgrounds within After Effects. Trapped Horizon also is fully functional with After Effects camera, making it a very powerful tool.

Trapcode Horizon also supports color gradients, and the user interface is incredibly easy to understand. Creating a flying smoke trail within a city scape can be done using Trapcode Horizon. Applying the After Effects camera to chase your smoke trail within the 3D space, allows  you to create some incredible motion graphic / footage.

Final Thoughts

We have come to end of this 3 part review on Red Giant’s Trapcode Suite. Over the past few weeks I have had the privilege of working, and testing this incredible package. Sitting back looking at the entire package, I have come away simply amazed. Trapcode Suite is packed with so many powerful tools. Picture editors like myself who normally do not specialize in motion graphics are able to create some stunning visual effects. Visual Effects artists, who have honed their skills would be able to create something far more advanced. This is where Red Giant continues to excel. They can create a suite of tools that can be utilized by just about anyone, from the novice to the advance user. Trapcode Suite is simply one of the best visual effects packages I have ever used. Fantastic job Red Giant! I look forward to seeing what else you have in store for us in the future.

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