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Red Giant is well known for various software tools for filmmakers. Not too long ago, I had an opportunity to review Red Giant Shooter Suite 12.5.  Red Giant has recently updated the suite to version 13. This includes a big update to PluralEyes. If you have not had the chance, or simply wish to get a more in-depth look at the Shooter Suite. Please feel free to look at my initial 3 part review, as this more of an update to that previous review.

Red Giant Shooter Suite 13 features an all new PluralEyes 4.0 application. PluralEyes 4.0  comes packed  with an all new user interface, and easier to use controls, which makes speeding up your workflow a breeze.

Key New Features

  • •Entirely New User Interface
  • •More Automated than ever before
  • •Premiere Pro Panel
  • •Smart Start
  • •Automatic Drift Correction
  • •Vertical Waveform Scaling
  • •Track Comparisons
  • •Keyboard Shortcuts
  • •Color Coding
  • •Integration with Offload

Once you are ready to begin synchronizing all of you clips. Simply drag and drop your selections into the application. PluralEyes will then synchronize your footage, and amazingly it will detect what type of camera the footage came from. Footage from the same device are organized on to the same track.


Once you hit the synchronize button PluralEyes will begin to sync. PluralEyes will also color code the clips. Clips marked in red let you know where PluralEyes failed to sync, or require your attention. It is a helpful feature when trying to sync audio from a full length feature film. Now don’t wonder off too far after hitting the synchronize button, as PluralEyes will actually synchronize all your clips in just a few moments. It’s incredibly fast too.

PluralEyes 4.0 now also features drift detection. This feature can detect drift and automatically  remedy the issue. PluralEyes also provides you the ability to toggle between the corrected sync, and the original audio, without the drift correction applied. This gives you more control over your audio as some times you may not want your clips corrected.

Previewing with PluralEyes just got a lot easier with the integrated ability to adjust the waveform scaling. This provides you with the ability to better see your audio waveforms. The waveform scaling only effects the previewing, it does not adjust the volume for export, or apply the adjustment to your footage.

New to PluralEyes is the tool for track comparisons. When previewing your sync, you can click the drop down menu and select either your audio recorder, or in camera audio. This is a great way to ensure all audio is correctly synced and there are no issues.

PluralEyes 4.0 also now features an all new Premier Pro Panel.  Users that wish to sync footage within Adobe Premier Pro can now do so. Simply find the PluralEyes option from the windows drop down menu, under extensions, and let PluralEyes sync for you. PluralEyes will also color code your footage here as well. However a big a bonus is that PluralEyes will not shift your edit around in your timeline. It will however, create another duplicate sequence marked “sync” at the end of sequence name for you to review.

Red Giant Shooter Suite 13 also features other tools such as Offload, Instant 4k , and Frames. For a more in-depth look a those features feel free to go back as see my previous review on Red Giant Shooter Suite 12.5.

Final Thoughts

Red Giant Shooter Suite has grown with the addition of welcomed upgrade of PluralEyes.  The new user interface as well much faster streamlined workflow make PluralEyes 4.0 an essential update. PluralEyes 4.0 is much better than it ever was before, any legacy user should consider upgrading. The Red Giant Shooter Suite continues to be all one application suite that packs a powerful punch.

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