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In today’s fast past world, it has become more important to have my gear with me at all times. Having access to my DSLR, few lenses, and my iPad has become crucial in my day to day lifestyle.  I may be on a shoot for the day, or taking my kids to soccer games.  Either way a trusty camera bag is important to me.  Previously my old LowPro sling bag worked quiet well for many years. However, its starting to age, and wear out.  Adorama introduces a new sling bag from their 24/7 Traffic Collection, which could prove to be much better solution.

Out the box I was immediately surprised at how good it looks from front to back. The bag feels like its made from quality materials. It’s fairly lightweight, fashionable and the adjustable padded harness feels great to the touch, and on your shoulder when fully loaded. I especially liked to the embossed 24/7 logo on the back making it feel all the more special.

The 24/7 easily carries my Canon 5D MkIII with my 24-70mm attached. It also has a secondary side for carrying my wide angle 17-40mm. This all fits nicely into the main compartment, while being fully adjustable for various sizes  of cameras and lenses.

On the inside of the flap, there is a compartment for carrying your spare CF Cards. This little pouch makes it easy to store and remove a single CF card, or multiple SD cards.

The only downside I discovered, it was initially hard to get my CF card out the pouch the first few times. However after some use, it did break in nicely. The pouch also had a plastic holder so it could be removed, and placed elsewhere. This could make it easier for accessing and swapping memory cards.  It also had the 24/7 logo which was a nice added touch.

The top of the bag has even more storage, and slots for you to add more CF cards, batteries or a flash. The top compartment also comes with a handy removable zipped bag, that could carry almost anything from loose change, filters, memory cards, or if your like me… another lens.

The 24/7 Sling bag also has a large rear pocket perfect for carrying your favourite tablet. This pocket is padded and easily fits my iPad with it’s carry case on. This is a great feature, I could see many people using this to quickly edit their photos in the field using Adobe Lightroom mobile, or your own choice personal of application.


Once fully loaded the bag feels good on the shoulder. There is plenty of padding on the harness, and the added torso adaptation strap helps keep support for heavier gear.  The harness is adjustable. If you have a smaller, or larger frame than my own, rest assured it will fit safely on your back.

Over the past month the the 24/7 Sling bag has seen his fare share of locations, and has held up very well. I am very surprised how much more I seem to like this bag over my old LowPro. I couldn’t be more impressed at this bag’s capability given the cost. It feels like a much more expensive bag than listed. Just when I thought this bag could get any better, it had one more trick up it’s sleeve.

During a sudden spring shower, I had to pack up quickly. I was concerned the bag would get soaked in the rain and damage my gear. But to my surprise, the 24/7 Sling bag had a rain cover built into the bottom that can be pulled out and cover the bag in a flash. This cover helped to keep all my gear nice and dry. This feature alone made my LowPro seem so outdated.

The 24/7 Sling Bag has performed far better than I expected. The Sling Bag is definitely far better than my current LowPro bag. (now officially retired). If you looking for a sling bag that cost effective, and yet packed full of features. The 24/7 Sling Bag will protect and perform very well.

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