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Last week we began to look at Red Giant Universe 2.0, and cover some of the new updates and features. Before we trek further into Universe 2.0, feel free to go back and check out Part 1 of the review. 

Logo Motion

Red Giant has added another great tool to Universe 2.0 known as Logo Motion.  This plugin allows you to instantly create dynamic animations for text and logos, on and off screen. Logo Motion essentially lets you create intro animations, idle animations, and outro animations.

Logo Motion is similar to other Red Giant plugins. It comes fully loaded with 20 presets to help get you started, or to quickly design your animated logo. I really love how Red Giant provides these presets. This can save a lot of time when working on tight deadline. It also allows me to create an animation that my producer can view almost instantly.

Once you have applied Logo Motion to your timeline. The first thing you will notice, its ability to adapt. What I mean by this… If you need to adjust the length / duration of the clip, there is no need to readapt the animation. Simply drag the length of your clip longer or shorter, and Logo Motion will automatically adapt the outro animation to the new ending.  This is a feature I simple love.

Logo Motion is incredibly customizable, and allows you to either build from scratch, or adapt a preset to your current project.  These can include everything from duration, scale, rotation, and blur. Logo Motion also excels in creating lower thirds for projects, all while working within timeline in Premier Pro or After Effects.

Final Thoughts

Red Giant has updated Universe 2.0 to excel in post production workflows. They have provided 4 new effects, new transitions, as well as updates to 29 tools across the board.  Many of these updates and new tools support the preset browser, which is simply outstanding to work with. There is so much within Red Giant Universe 2.0 its nearly impossible to review ever aspect.  It’s just an ever expanded universe of tools and features that you simply can’t get enough of.  If you have not had the chance to try Red Giant Universe 2.0, I urge to to download the trial. I’m sure you will simple love all the features and tools they have offer.  As of me, I simple love having Universe 2.0 in my arsenal for editing.

Download trial here

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