Red Giant Shooter Suite Review Part 1

Red Giant is well known for various software tools for filmmakers. Recently, they have launched Universe which has been great for many filmmakers. Red Giant have now updated their  Shooter Suite, which contains a set of 6 tools that provides you essentials. These tools include BulletProof, PluralEyes, Denoiser, Instant 4K, Frames 1.1, and LUT Buddy.

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Adorama 3Pod V2AH Review

A few months ago I reviewed the 3Pod Carbon Fiber Tripod.  It was a  great portable carbon fiber tripod for DSLR use. It’s light weight construction made it great for carrying around. This time Adorama has given me the opportunity to take a look at the 3Pod V2AH Video Tripod with fluid head.

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Mocha Pro 4 and Plus Review

Tracking and rotoscoping are used by many visual effects artists for their projects. One of the most well known is Academy Award winning Mocha Pro 4 developed by Imagineer Systems. Mocha Pro  and Mocha Plus have been recently updated to versions 4.0.

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ProAm USA Autopilot Review

Camera stabilizing is important for filmmakers that are looking to reduce or remove the unwanted shaky cam. This is especially important when following a moving subject around. ProAm USA has a new stabilizer designed to solve this exact problem.

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